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Thanks for hanging out with us! We're an overseas military family with a passion for helping kiddos in need. Every purchase you make, you donate to our children's hospital of the month or to a Dance Marathon held at a University to help them reach THEIR goal for THEIR local hospital. Your support is beyond appreciated!

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The mission here at Brave Bands is to give back to the pediatric medical community to provide higher quality hospitalizations, increased research funding  and updated equipment.

Brave Bands co-founders, Nate + Jess, had a spontaneous meeting over Japanese curry one night. AKA their favorite restaurant at the time -- Coco's Ichibanya Curry House.

In 2016, Jess, a Certified Child Life Specialist, was working with pediatric patients in an Emergency Room setting, providing psychosocial care to patients and their families in traumatic events. However, plans changed when Nate, an active duty airman of the United States Air Force, received orders to Okinawa, Japan for the next 3 years.

Packing up and moving overseas, their entire worlds changed. Jess could no longer practice as a CCLS and found a piece of her heart missing by not being able to directly impact the lives of hospitalized children.

So, that one night at Coco's, she had an idea. She said to Nate, "What if we make headbands to raise money for hospitalized children?". He instantly fell in love with the idea and was immediately on board.

Looking to start a family in the near future, Nate wanted to give back to other families out there, making sure that research was being funded and hospitalization quality was sufficient.

Why? Back in 2013, in Jess' college days, she was Vice President of East Carolina University's Dance Marathon, which directly raised funds for the local children's hospital. In that year, they raised over $9,000 in one night for their local pediatric hospital and IT. FELT. AMAZING. Her heart felt so big whenever she was volunteering in the playroom, all the way up to working actively as a CCLS. Immediately she knew that she wanted to give back even more. And just like that, Brave Bands was born.


We have plans of expanding in the future --moving from just headbands, to bracelets, dog bandanas, you name it. Right now we're focusing on the headbands to really help get the word out about our mission. Want to help us? Become a Brave Bands Ambassador.